2 thoughts on “Independence?”

  1. The chance to pursue whatever I aspire to do and not be limited by circumstances, e.g. mobility or financial ties.
    Great question to be asking Alexia, been pondering these myself too. Currently ‘achievements’ has been acting as my remedy and preventive, though I believe it should be something more ‘unmovable’ than that too. Let me know if you ever find an answer 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment Yosua!

      It’s great that other people are also thinking about this.

      Achievements are great especially if you break up your achievements to smaller achievements as well as the overall achievements. Then, you don’t put too much emotional pressure on yourself, or feel debilitated if you don’t achieve.

      I’ve read that it is the process/progress of obtaining goals, rather than obtaining the goal in itself, that one should focus on. This is where one can gain more sustainable enjoyment from. Outcome-focus is good to an extent. It needs to have a more sustainable element to it (recall profit-driven businesses stereotype vs environment).

      It is also good to align your achievements or goals to your passions, if you work on the process day-in-day-out.

      What are your passions?

      Enjoy the act of working on them. 🙂 Then achievements will come your way. That being said it is also good to set benchmarks for yourself so you can measure that progress. 🙂

      The Passion Test is a good read 🙂


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