Happy birthday




In a short amount of time, you have quickly become the light that I see when I experience troughs.

I was searching up pictures of ‘halos’ to describe you.

I chose this picture because it reminds me of progress, something that we both strive towards. It also contrasts life’s uncertainty and stability.

Happy birthday wonderful!

Your humour is golden.

Your wisdom is enlightening.

Your comfort is warm.

To tomorrow. #Annie Continue reading Happy birthday



Where should we source our contentment of self? What should we base our emotional state on? It’s not material things. Definitely not. At times I don’t even think it is relationships. It should be immovable. Something foundational and secure. Something that cannot be taken away from us internally. I also doubt that searching for contentment is the key. Rather, think: … Continue reading Independence?


Sometimes it gets hard to breathe. Like you are at the trough of your own business cycle. But that’s the key. It is cyclical. You’re only going to go up from here. And in the long-term, you are on a positive trend. Ride the waves, just remember when you are down, be grateful. Continue reading Waves

To tutor

To be of service and to enlighten as well as entertain.

Hopefully, to inspire.

To each of the three people today, regardless that you were from different walks of life, thank you for your willingness to learn, and by extension, offering me the opportunity to grow. Continue reading To tutor


To bond over mangos and hug within the first five minutes of meeting. To be named the Nemo to your Dory. For me to trek, just to say ‘Hi’, and in return have you pleasantly surprise me, remember my name and hug me twice. Despite being you being the keynote speaker, a TED one at … Continue reading Rapport